Snow Slide March 20, 2014

Late in the evening last Thursday we heard a tremendous snow slide off the roof of our house. In the winter with lots of snow slides are not unusual. What was unusual was the loud “crack” that followed. When we installed a heat pump several years ago, my husband built a small roof over the heat pump to prevent snow sliding off the roof from damaging or clogging the intake of the heat pump. From this picture you can see how the heat pump is not only directly in the path of snow sliding from the roof, but snow sliding off a “valley” of the roof as well.

Broken Heat Pump Cover 1

Well, this winter we had a lot of snow and an unusual amount of snow buildup on the roof because it did not melt or slide off for a couple of months due to extreme and constant cold temperatures. Recently, with short warm ups and sunshine, big chunks of ice and snow have been sliding off the roof.
Here you can see the damage to the little heat pump roof:
Broken Heat Pump Cover 3

Even one of the strongest 2 x 4 supports broke underneath the board sheathing.
Broken Heat Pump Cover 2
The wire grill was bent, but, luckily, the fan could still turn unimpeded and the heat pump itself was not damaged!

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